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James Russell Ward


Freelance Digital Designer and Creative Director based in Norwich, UK, working with a broad range of clients including Casio, Shell, and Blakely. Passionate about Typography, Minimalism, Grids, and Print. Specializing in UX/UI, Website design, and Branding.

I've been fortunate to win awards and have my work featured in various publications, assisting brands in gaining recognition and successfully reaching their goals. Available for upcoming projects and opportunities, feel free to get in touch.

Services & Process

Embarking on a design journey spanning over almost 10 years, my approach to design is rooted in collaboration, taking ideas and bringing them to life. Specialising in Branding, Web design and UX/UI, each project is met with the same enthusiasm I had almost a decade ago.

Branding: Elevating your brand through Naming, Positioning, Logo Creation, Message Pillars, Tone of Voice, Brand Guidelines, and crafting a Unique Identity.

Web Design: Crafting a standout online presence with a focus on Accessibility, Visual Direction, Streamlined Content, Responsive Design, and meticulous SEO considerations.

UX/UI Design: Improving user experience through Users journeys, Wireframing, Site Mapping, Prototyping, User Testing, Conversion Rate Optimization (CRO), and ensuring Streamlined Usability for meaningful and relevant experiences.

Website and Social Design

It takes 50 milliseconds for users to form an opinion of your site, highlighting the crucial role of first impressions online. With experience across various industries, the importance of maintaining a robust online presence has never been more paramount. Whether it's in the realm of eCommerce, major pharmaceuticals, fashion, exhibition and artistic spaces, native apps, or SaaS platforms, understanding market dynamics, grasping user behavior, and strategically positioning and operating within these sectors empower your website not only to stand out but also to establish itself as an industry leader.

Campaigns and Creative

All campaigns and creative are equally unique and important, not matter the goal. With that said, it's important to stand out and be noticed in order to drive maximum impact for your brand or campaign. To date, being a part of a campaign that helped the RNLI raise 1.6 million as part of their Shannon Lifeboat Appeal is still a huge achievement and allowed myself to utilise my skillset and make a serious impact. These wonderful outcomes all start with ideas and then creativity to bring them to life. Whether big or small, I've helped multiple business recieve the outcome they desired and hopefully more. With Art direction, including branding, knowing your competitors and how to

Creating A Unique Identity

Guiding branding strategies across diverse sectors has taught me that a business is way more than just its logo. It's about amplifying a company's vision and crafting a unique identity. This isn't just about standing out from competitors; it's about becoming a memorable brand that vibes with the right audience, leaving a lasting impression. In crafting brand directions across diverse sectors, it's key to grasp: a logo isn't the entire brand, just a vital piece. It symbolizes your brand, aligning visuals and key messages for a cohesive and powerful impact.

Clients I've Worked With

I've been fortunate enough to work with some incredible people, agencies and brands big and small. Here's just a few of the brands I've worked with, Casio, RNLI, Fraser Hart, Unmind, KKS Savills, Mylee, Shell, Dompé, G-Shock, Barcardi and many more wonderful companies.