James Russell Ward

A designer, music lover, adventurer and all round nice guy. A digital creative who has a keen interest in all things design and online, including branding, UX, HTML, and CSS. I’m an outgoing chap who loves being surrounded by creative and passionate people. I’ve been lucky enough to win design awards and receive recognition for various bits of work. Furthermore, I have been fortunate enough to work with some amazingly talented individuals and always feel inspired by enthusiastic attitudes. Some of the award pieces can be found on my site.

When I’m not working on various projects you can find me either creating music, spinning tunes or trying to keep fit. Three interesting facts about myself, I have an addiction to olives. Secondly, I broke my forefinger and since have never truly been able to point at someone without it pointing at the floor first. Thirdly, I can spin on my head. If these facts and my work haven’t impressed you I would recommend meeting me so that I can change your mind! Thank you for your time and for dropping by, look forward to hearing from you!

Featured work